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Some great forums and some advice if you want to ask for help in a forum:
Forums, Tips on how to seek Advice

The practical aspects of electronics:
Books and Other General Resources, Troubleshooting, Introductions to Oscilloscopes, Breadboarding and Prototyping

The theoretical foundations:
Basic Linear Circuit Analysis, Analysis and Design of Electronic Circuits, Introductions to Analog IC Design, Circuit Simulation with SPICE

Components of analog electronics:
General Op Amp Resources, Op Amp Applications, Resistors, Capacitors, Diodes, Bipolar Junction Transistors, Field Effect Transistors

Analog electronic circuits (all of these pages are currently under construction):
Amplifiers, Oscillators, Filters, Voltage Regulators

Free application notes by the big electronics companies:
Analog Devices Seminar Notes, Columns and App Notes by Bob Pease, App Notes by Jim Williams, E-books and App Notes from Texas Instruments

Not much fun, but sometimes necessary - Math:
Complex Numbers, Calculus, Mathematics for Physics and Engineering

Wise Warthog - Learning Resources
for Analog Electronics and more