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Welcome to my burrow. On this site I try to advise you about the most useful resources for learning analog electronics. These include links to books, free lecture notes, application notes, videos and forums. While there are many sites where you can find large compilations of such links, most of them will only show the links with a short comment (or no comment at all) and leave it to you to find out which of them are useful to you (which can be a very time consuming task). On this site however, I will try to add a meaningful review to each link, so that you can see quickly whether it is worth your time to have a closer look. Furthermore, I will try my best to connect the individual resources in such a way that you can quickly find those that suit you best. The best way to get a good overview of the site is to visit the Home page and to follow the link that you find most interesting. Or take a look at the Site Overview at the bottom of each page.

I hope that this site will be useful for you if you are a student of electronics or physics who needs to learn about analog electronics. But I am also trying to provide good resources for the analog electronics hobbyist.

Since I started working on this site at the end of 2010, I have compiled some useful links on general analog electronics, and, in particular, on Op Amps. But there are many more topics which I have not covered yet. The best advice I can give you if you do not find the topic you are searching for, is to take a look at the Electronics Forums, register at the one that best matches your needs and ask for help there. You could also have a look at the what's new page. It does not only contain the latest additions to the site, but also (near the top of the page) the topics that I plan to cover during the next months.

The warthog on the site's logo was taken from the picture of a Beware of Warthog road sign by Hans Hillewaert and was slightly adapted with GIMP.

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Practical Electronics: Books and Other General Resources, Troubleshooting, Introductions to Oscilloscopes, Breadboarding and Prototyping

Foundations: Basic Linear Circuit Analysis, Analysis and Design of Electronic Circuits, Introductions to Analog IC Design, Circuit Simulation with SPICE

Devices: General Op Amp Resources, Op Amp Applications, Resistors, Capacitors, Diodes, Bipolar Junction Transistors

Application Notes: Analog Devices Seminar Notes, Columns and App Notes by Bob Pease, App Notes by Jim Williams, E-books and App Notes from Texas Instruments

Mathematics: Complex Numbers, Calculus, Mathematics for Physics and Engineering

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