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Review of Strang: Calculus (Free Textbook)

Download Calculus (Free Textbook) (38.8 MB, 671 pages) If you have a slow connection, you can first go to the textbook page and download a few of the chapters to see if you like them. There is also a Instructor's Manual and a Study Guide on this page.

This free textbook starts with a very good example that will make it easy for you to understand the concepts of differentiation and integration. This example is the relation between distance and velocity. Such examples are the hallmark of the whole book, and they make it an ideal resource if you are studying calculus because you need it for physics or engineering. There are many exercises with answers to odd numbered problems.

In addition to the basic topics of calculus (derivatives and integrals with their corresponding techniques and applications), the covered topics include polar coordinates, complex numbers, vectors and matrices. Also partial derivatives, multiple integrals and vector calculus.

While you scroll through the pages of this free textbook you will notice that some of the pages do not look very nice. If you like the content and plan to use it often, you should consider to buy the corresponding Calculus book by Strang.

You may also be interested in some other recommendations for Introductions to Calculus.

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