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Review of Jerison: Single Variable Calculus Video Lectures

Got to Single Variable Calculus Video Lectures to watch the videos (2007, Professor David Jerison, MIT, 39 video lectures, each approximately 45 minutes)

If you want to get a first, quick impression of the lectures, you can go to the Lecture Notes Page and download the notes (I found it most convenient to download the 4 big pdf files in the right column). Even on their own they are quite interesting (but if you prefer notes to videos, you should perhaps look at the lecture notes by Dawkins or the free textbook by Strang ). But I think watching the video lectures is more fun.

Professor Jerison takes his time to answer the students questions. I think this is also a good thing for the viewer of the videos, because problems are discussed from several different points of view. On the other hand, it makes the videos longer than they would be if the lecturer would just follow his own lines of thought. So the videos are not for the very impatient student, but if you take the time to watch them, you will learn a lot from the thorough explanations. The titles of the videos are not always accurate, because Professor Jerison sometimes uses more time to discuss a topic, and then the topic in the next video lecture gets delayed. Anyway, I would recommend to just watch all the videos one by one in their intended order.

On the upper left side of the page with the videos you can find links to related resources. I would especially recommend to download the Exercises and the corresponding Solutions (which are quite detailed). There is always the danger that the student thinks he understood the topic, but fails when he actually has to solve a problem. If, after each video lecture, you do the corresponding exercises, you really can be sure that you have mastered calculus.

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