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Review of Craw / Dagger / Pulham: Engineering Mathematics 1

Download Engineering Mathematics by Craw, Dagger and Pulham, University of Aberdeen.

This little text contains the minimum amount of mathematics that you would need in electronics. But it only teaches you the math, no examples from electronics are given.

After a short revision of the basics like trigonometry "to remind you of some of the things we rely on before starting our discussions", derivatives and integration are discussed. Afterwards complex numbers, matrices (you can skip section 11.7 The Fourier Matrix), Taylor series and differential equations are introduced.

It would probably not be the best idea to learn these topics by using this text alone - there are not enough exercises to practice what you have just learned. But if you have ever covered the material before and you want a short refresher, this text might be just right.

Also, the explanations and examples are quite nice. So if are are using another text and get stuck, you might take a look here and see if it helps you to understand the problem better.

For some more advanced texts, please take a look at these recommendations for mathematics for physics and engineers.

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