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Review of Wong: AN-106 A Collection Of Amp Applications

Download AN-106 A Collection Of Amp Applications (pdf) from Analog Devices

This App Note contains 38 very interesting Op Amp Circuits, many of them with detailed explanations. If you already have a solid knowledge about Op Amps (if not, take a look at Op Amps For Everyone), you can find some very good circuit ideas here. For some of the circuits important measurement results like distortion, noise or current consumption are given, so it could be interesting to build them and to compare your own measurements with the note. Unfortunately, some of the Op Amps that are used are obsolete.

If you are new Op Amps this note will probably not be very useful for you, most of the circuits are relatively difficult to understand for the novice. And the explanations focus more on highlighting some performance aspects of the circuit that are important to the advanced designer, and not so much on providing an explanation of the basics of the circuits.

You should also take a look at some recommendations for other Op Amp Applications.

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