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Review of Williamson: Williamson Labs

Go to Williamson Labs by Glen Williamson. Please look at the left side of the page and scroll through the topics. The topics under the “Popular” heading are a good start.

One of the first things that you will notice is, that the author makes excessive use of color, which looks strange and distracts from the content. However, try to endure it – you will find a lot of great information on the site. One very nice feature is the usage of animated diagrams. To truly appreciate how useful they are, take a close look at the animation of the 555 timer IC (set "Animation Speed" to "Slow" and then click on the symbol above it to start the animation). If you are familiar with the basic components like Comparator and Flip Flop, you might be able to figure out how it works without any further explanation.

If you are interested in learning about electronics, you will find the best topics under the headings “Technology” and “Signal Integrity” (and, if you are interested in higher frequencies, “Analog / R. F.”). The topics range from resistors and capacitors over transistors, op amps and layout issues to digital electronics. For each topic the most important facts are very clearly explained with as little theory as possible (if you are interested in some theory, please take a look at basic linear circuit analysis and analysis and design of electronic circuits).

Under the “Design” heading are some topics that are not directly relevant to electronics, but contain very valuable advice for designing your own systems. You should take a close look at the “Design Flow Chart” and the corresponding explanations. Under the “Projects” heading you can find some interesting examples of such systems.

The rest of the site covers topics from very diverse areas. Those topics under the “Education” heading might be interesting if you are a teacher or professor and you want to know Williamsons ideas how the current education system might be improved. But if you are a student, you will not find tips for learning there.

You should also take a look at some recommendations for other books on practical analog electronics.

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