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Review of Jim Williams: AN70 A Monolithic Switching Regulator With 100 Microvolt Output Noise

Download AN70 A Monolithic Switching Regulator With 100 Microvolt Output Noise (1997, Linear Technology, 72 pages, 1.48 MB pdf file)

This app note is about measurements of the (very low) noise of the LT1533 switching regulator. But the most interesting and widely applicable part is Appendix C (starting on page 30): Probing and Connection Techniques for Low Level, Wideband Signal Integrity. Several scope pics show the effects of various error sources (ground loops, 60Hz pickup due to excessive probe length.. ) that can corrupt the measurement, and the text tells you how you can avoid them. Also interesting (but more for the EMI specialist, not for the beginner) is the discussion of an "EMI Sniffer Probe", starting on page 54.

If you are interested in probes and scopes, you should also take a look at Recommendations for Introductions to Oscilloscopes. And you might be interested in the other Application Notes by Jim Williams

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