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Review of Whites: EE 320 Electronics I

Go to the EE 320 Electronics I page, and download the Lecture Notes pdf files (South Dakota School Of Mines And Technology, 2009, 38 pdf files, each file ca. 10 pages, 7.4 MB total)

Whites lecture notes use the 5th edition of Sedra / Smith as the course text, but they cover only a part of all the topics that are discussed by Sedra / Smith. The notes follow Sedra / Smith quite closely, but the discussions are much shorter. There are several examples (some of them identical or similar to Sedra / Smith) but you will miss the many problems that are part of Sedra / Smith. Diodes, BJTs, MOSFETs and their amplifier configurations are covered. If you do not have enough time to work through Sedra / Smith, but you want a short introduction to some of the topics that are covered there, then Whites lecture notes might be what you need. But if you have to prepare for an exam then the many examples and problems in Sedra / Smith will suit your needs better. However, even if you use Sedra / Smith, Whites lecture notes might be useful: In case you do not understand an explanation, check if the topic is also covered by Whites and look if you like his explanation better.

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