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Texas Instruments: Free E-books and App Notes

The best of all free resources from Texas Instruments is the E-book Op Amps For Everyone by Ron Mancini. It is a very popular introduction to operational amplifiers that teaches you both the theoretical and practical aspects of designing op amp circuits. It is not only about Op Amps, it also contains very good info about topics like noise, digital to analog converters, sine wave oscillators, active filters and circuit board layout techniques. I highly recommend it if you want to learn about analog electronics in general (if you are new to electronics it may be hard for you to understand and you might want to have a look at some easier resources on practical analog electronics and basic linear circuit analysis first).

You might also be interested in Mancinis EDN columns Analog Angle.

Also very interesting is SBOA092A Handbook Of Operational Amplifier Applications by Carter and Brown.

More specialized and theoretical is SBOA093A Handbook Of Operational Amplifier Active RC Networks by Carter and Huelsman. Among other concepts, Gyrators and NICs (Negative Immitance Convertors) are explained.

You can find some important advice on using capacitors for decoupling in SLOA069 How (Not) to Decouple High-Speed Operational Amplifiers by Carter.

In Carters Audio Circuit Collection, you can find low-pass and high-pass filters ( Part 1 ), notch-filters and curve-fitting filters ( Part 2 ) and circuits with simulated inductors ( Part 3 ) All of the examples are for single supply op amp circuits.

The most important things you have to consider when you connect an Op Amp to an ADC (Analog Digital Converter) are described in SLOA035C Amplifiers and Bits An Introduction to Selecting Amplifiers for Data Converters by Carter, Rowland, Karki and Miller.

The app note AN263 Sine Wave Generation Techniques provides a good overview of these techniques.

These are some of the best free resources from Texas Instruments. There exist many others and I will occasionaly add a few more to this page.

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