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I have to admit that I just found this forum a few weeks ago. So it seems to be unfair that I try to write a review about it. But from a pragmatic point of view, it is not. Because my advice is simple: Look at what I have written about the allaboutcircuits forum and spend an hour or so browsing through that forum. If you like it, then you should register not only at allaboutcircuits, but also at electrotech-online (registration is free at both forums).

Both forums are remarkably similar. Not only structure and scope, but also the audience that visits them. And in many cases the audience is not only similar but even identical. This includes users that post frequently in both forums and are respected by both communities. Some people use the same name. Others use different names but have given more or less obvious hints regarding their identity on the other forum. At least one frequent and competent poster who was banned from allaboutcircuits has found political asylum (under an only slightly modified name) in the electrotech-online forum. Another very frequent poster uses the same name, and is quite famous and highly respected because of his experience in electronics in both communities (and also in several other communities where he posts). However, this did not protect him from unwanted moderator attention in both forums because of a tendency (at least in the past) to be less polite than he should be when he corrected other peoples errors. So even the moderators seem to have similar priorities in both forums.

One notable difference is allaboutcircuits online book. Electrotech-online does not have anything comparable. But most people there seem to know about the book and frequently provide links to it in their threads.

Bottom line: If you feel comfortable in one forum, then you should join the other forum too. Otherwise you will miss many interesting contributions from members that post in both forums. I would also advise to use the same name. This will make communication much easier for both you and the other members.

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