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If you plan to buy any equipment for your electronics lab, I highly recommend that you ask in this forum for advice (even if your electronics lab just consists of a soldering iron and a multimeter). Even if you have much experience with electronics equipment and you know which parameters are important, there still is the question of quality. You may have your experiences with certain brands, but such things may change. In this forum you can find up-to-date Product Reviews for every kind of equipment that an electronics enthusiast needs. And if you are new to electronics and you don't know exactly what you need, you will find some good tutorials in Dave's video blogs, please see the list of blogs below.

The video blogs and the forum were created by Dave Jones. The forum is relatively young (October 2009), but has grown quite fast during the last months. But it is still small enough that there is a good chance that Dave himself (Username "EEVblog") will join a thread about a specific product and add his personal advice. He is extremely knowledgeable, not only has he reviewed a zillion of multimeters and oscilloscopes, he has also taken them apart (in his "Teardown" videos) and checked their inner qualities. But even if Dave does not give his opinion about a product, you can get some very good advice from the other forum members. Just make sure you read as many posts as you can about a specific product before you form your own opinion - just as in any other forum, there are a few members who have a strong opinion but not much knowledge.

The forum is moderated with a light hand, about the only thing that is a strict no-no are personal attacks against other forum members. And even then you would have to work pretty hard to get banned. But even if you don't get banned, the regular posters will remember if you misbehave. Just be friendly to everybody, stay away from a thread if you see that it degrades into a virtual fistfight, and you will have a really nice time at the forum.

The forum is centered around Dave's excellent video blogs (the downside of this is, that if you have a really slow internet connection or you don't like watching videos for whatever reason, you will benefit less from this forum). You can comment on each of the videos like you could do in any other blog, but you can join a more interesting discussion if you register at the forum and then post your comments in the appropriate thread in the blog specific forum. The blogs do not only cover product reviews but a very wide range of topics ( I have written some remarks about the ones that cover Oscilloscopes, these are some of the best). Here is the complete list of blogs (please scroll down to see the list).

A very interesting project that Dave has started in November 2011 is his Lab Power Supply Design that is controlled by an AVR microcontroller. Until now (02 / 28 / 2012) he has done 10 video blogs about it. This is a fascinating design example, he starts with the conceptional design and then shows everything from studying the relevant datasheets, simulation with LTSpice, building a prototype and measurements with a scope, to debugging the microcontroller software and then doing the PCB layout. Please take a look at the complete list of blogs (see link above), the power supply design series starts with Blog No. 221.

If you already have a theoretical knowledge of electronics, and you are seeking for practical examples to apply this knowledge, I highly recommend that you watch the lab power supply design videos. But if you do not know about electronics yet and you want to systematically learn it, a better place is the allaboutcircuits forum (they have an excellent e-book for learning electronics and a very friendly community to answer your questions), or, if you need some heavy mathematics for studying electronics, the math forums of Physics Forums (but please note that they are more strict there, if they suspect that you want them to do your homework you are toast !)

You should also take a look at some recommendations for other electronics forums.

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