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This is a very good forum if you are interested in the design of integrated circuits. For the design and layout of analog ICs it may even be the best on the web. But even if you have no plans to ever design an IC, there is also a lot of excelent advice on analog electronics in general. There is also a very active forum about microcontrollers (but for these there are lots of other places on the web). Registration is free.

The threads are in general at a rather advanced level. There is also a subforum for elementary questions. But even here most threads are about pretty advanced topics. If you are completely new to electronics, you will probably not be able to benefit from most of them. The forum is probably best suited for the advanced undergrad or graduate student of electronics or for the professional designer. A first year undergrad student of electronics could probably benefit more from Physics Forums.

A relatively large part of the members are not native English speakers, some of them have not much experience with the language. I have seen lots of posts that show much competence and understanding in terms of electronics, but where the poster is clearly struggling to find the correct words. This may partly explain why there is not so much activity in the off-topic chat forum. On the positive side, if you have trouble with English too, then you do not have to be afraid that people might criticize you for every grammar error you make (I have seen such a regrettable behavior in some other forums).

You should also take a look at some recommendations for other electronics forums.

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