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This is one of the greatest resources on the web for people who are new to electronics and for hobbyists, and it is totally free. The combination of the forum and the free online-book Lessons In Electric Circuits (allaboutcircuits) is a real winner. The book is a very gentle introduction to electronics which does not assume any prior knowledge of electronics, mathematics or physics. If you have any questions while reading the book, just ask them in the forum. Some of the forum members have written parts of the book and are still adding to it.

The forum can also be a great resource for (beginning) students of electronics, for help with homework and for asking practical questions about circuits (Sometimes advanced students complain that they spent years learning all the theory, but still have no clue about the practical aspects of circuit design. Participating in the allaboutcircuits projects forum should prevent such a sad outcome). However, judging from own experiences from many years ago, for many students of electronics the real hurdle is mathematics. In this area allaboutcircuits is a bit weak. If you ask a mathematical question they will do their best to help you, but in general I have not seen too many threads about mathematics. If you want to improve your mathematical skills, you should better look at the math and homework subforums of the Physics Forums (Of course you can be a member at both forums).

The people in the forum are generally very friendly and helpful. If you join the forum you should behave in the same way. In particular, if you already know something about electronics and catch some other members making errors, or you see a newbie who is totally clueless, be polite and try to correct them without insulting anybody. Many of the members, including some of the most active posters and moderators, are hobbyists who just come to the forum to have some fun together with other electronics enthusiasts. They do not like it at all if someone starts a fight, whether he is correct from a purely technical point of view is less important. If you behave nicely, you will certainly have a good time there. Just register and say hello.

You should also take a look at some recommendations for other electronics forums.

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