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Recommendations for Field Effect Transistor Resources

If you like videos, you can find a very good and detailed introduction to MOSFETs (and their usage in analog circuits) in videos 29-41 of the Electronic Circuits 1 Lectures by Razavi. JFETs are not covered. If you would like to get a good introduction to semiconductor physics before learning about FETs, you can take a look at his videos 1 - 5 first.

Razavis videos are great, but you have to bring with you a little time, they are not for the impatient. For a faster discussion of MOSFETs you might want to take a loot at Agarwal's Video Lectures (Lecture 9, MOSFET Amplifier Large Signal Analysis, part 1 and 2). If you like the videos, you might also be interested in the book Foundations of Analog and Digital Electronic Circuits by Agarwal and Lang: Chapter 6 The MOSFET Switch, chapter 7 The MOSFET Amplifier, chapter 8 The Small-Signal Model, and section 11.5 CMOS Logic.

Just as most other chapters in this book, chapter 3, Field Effect Transitors, of The Art of Electronics is excellent. The other resources mentionend on this page focus on MOSFETs, mainly because of their central role in digital electronics (CMOS). But The Art of Electronics also tells you everything you might ever want to know about JFETs - among other things, they can play an important role as discrete components in linear amplifiers. Also in the chapter about low noise techniques there is a section (p. 509-517) about low noise designs with JFETs. One highlight here is the discussion of the excellent SR560 preamp that uses a differential JFET front-end. MOSFETs are eplained too. Very important is the advice on how to protect power switches, starting on p.823. Please note, however, that like in the other parts of the book, the authors focus on teaching you how to use these components in your circuits. It is not a book on semiconductor physics (in fact, the whole book does not contain one diagram of a pn-junction). So if you are interested in the inner structure of a field effect transistor (and you should be), please take a look at the other resources mentioned above, especially Razavi.

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