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Recommendations for Resources on Analysis and Design of Electronic Circuits

On this page you will find some resources that will teach you the design and analysis of electronic circuits, at about the level of Sedra and Smith. As a prerequisite you should already have a good understanding of Basic Linear Circuit Analysis.

The textbook Microelectronic Circuits by Sedra and Smith is the standard text for electronic circuits. If you are studying EE, you will probably use it sooner or later.

If you prefer video lectures, please take a look at Electronic Circuits 1 by Razavi. He does a wonderful job of making this difficult topic as easy to understand as possible. Digital circuits are however not included.

The free lecture notes EE 320 Electronics I by Whites use Sedra and Smith as the course text. Whites covers only a part of the topics of Sedra and Smith, op amps are missing, there is only a short discussion of digital circuits. The topics that are covered follow Sedra and Smith quite closely.

Of the many courses that are based on Sedra and Smith, I like the free EE113 Course Notes Electronic Circuits by Kovacs best. But it only covers analog electronic circuits.

Another good and freely available course that also uses Sedra and Smith is ESE319 Introduction to Microelectronics by Laker. Like Kovacs he only covers analog electronics. It is not so easy to understand for beginners.

The resources mentioned above are about analog electronics (or, in case of Sedra and Smith, mostly about analog electronics). This is consistent with the focus of this site. But for sake of completeness it is appropriate to mention at least one resource that has more material on digital electronics. A very interesting book is Foundations of Analog and Digital Electronic Circuits by Agarwal and Lang. You can also watch their video Circuits and Electronics (MIT Open Course Ware) which is based on the book.

After you have studied the analysis and design of electronic circuits, you have excellent theoretical foundations for designing you own real world circuits. What you need now is some advice on the practical aspects of design. You can get some excellent (and free !) notes from the big semiconductor companies, for example the Analog Devices Seminar Notes. If you prefer books, good choices are The Art of Electronics or - especially if you want to design circuits for serial production - The Circuit Designer's Companion.

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