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Review of Radhakrishna Rao: Analog ICs Video Lectures

Go to Analog ICs Video Lectures to watch the videos (28 video lectures, each approximately 45 minutes, by Professor K. Radhakrishna Rao, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras)

Like most treatments of Analog ICs, this video lectures assume that you are already familiar with the analysis and design of electronic circuits in general. If you have the necessary basic knowledge, the lectures should not be too difficult to follow - Professor Radhakrishna Rao's explanations are very thorough and clear. He retired from IIT Madras in 2006.

The discussed topics include the basic building blocks of Analog ICs like current mirrors and differential amplifiers, DC amplifiers and wideband amplifiers (including a discussion of feedback) voltage references and regulators, switched mode regulators, general purpose op amps, transconductance op amp, Norton op amps, audio power amplifiers, analog multipliers, VCOs (voltage controlled oscillators), PLLs (phase locked loops, the discussion of them is very detailed), circuits with switched capacitors.

The video lectures are done in a very simple way, the professor is talking to an audience, drawing schematics and equations on a blackboard. No Powerpoint slides or anything else but the blackboard is used. Though simple, the videos are of high quality. I especially liked how the guy that operates the camera (V.B.K Raju) is always on alert to zoom in when Prof. Radhakrishna Rao is explaining a part of the circuit, so the important details are always clearly displayed in high resolution.

In some of the video lectures more than one topic is covered, so the titles of the lecture notes are not quite complete. In lecture 13, switching regulators are covered too, starting at 25:00. Lecture 27 also contains a discussion of D/A converters, starting at 15:00. Lecture 28 is about circuits that use switched capacitors.

You might also be interested in some other Introductions to Analog IC Design.

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