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Review of Pease: Understand Capacitor Soakage to Optimize Analog Systems

Go to Understand Capacitor Soakage to Optimize Analog Systems (National Semiconductor, 1982)

Pease first explains what capacitor soakage (also called dielectric absorptions) is and shows equivalent circuits that approximate this behavior. He shows 2 test circuits that can be used to measure the amount of dielectric absorption (a very simple one that you can operate manually to observe the capacitors behavior at low speed, and a more complex one that lets you watch the effect at various frequencies on your scope.). Very interesting is figure 7, where Pease shows the measurement results for various types of capacitors - Teflon capacitors perform best. Pease also shows how you can compensate the effects of dielectric absoprption (for an integrator and a sample and hold circuit).

You may also be interested in some other Columns and Application Notes by Bob Pease and other Recommendations for Capacitors Resources.

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