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Columns and Application Notes by Bob Pease

In The Best of Bob Pease you can find a selection of his columns that he wrote while working at National. Among the most interesting material that you can find there is "The Design of Band-Gap Reference Circuits: Trials and Tribulations" (starting at page 286) and "Understand Capacitor Soakage to Optimize Analog Systems", a discussion of dielectric absorption (starting at page 302).

You can find more of his columns, from a period of over 20 years, at this List at Electronic Design. Some of his columns are not related to electronics at all, he basically writes about everything that is of interest to him (hiking is one of his favorite topics).

Pease has also written some very interesting application notes. In some of the more recent ones he discusses Op Amp output impedance and the Howland Current Pump. Older app notes include a design idea for low noise precision Op Amps, a scheme for load sharing between two or more op amps and a method to avoid trim pots. One area where Pease was especially strong was the design of voltage to frequency (V/F) converters - first as discrete circuits, later as ICs. In his application note V/F Converter ICs Handle Frequency to Voltage Needs he shows you some advanced tricks to get more performance from his LM331 (a popular IC that is still in production).

If you like his columns, you might also be interested in his book Troubleshooting Analog Circuits. I have mentioned a few caveats there that you might find useful even when reading his other writings.

In the book Analog Circuit Design that was edited by Jim Williams, two of the chapters were written by Bob Pease.

A more recent (2008) book that was edited by Bob Pease is Analog Circuits World Class Designs.

Bob Pease died on June 18, 2011 at age 70 in a car crash. Here is a Tribute to Bob Pease (near the top of the page is a list of videos, please scroll to the one called "Remembering Bob Pease"). It is a great video. His very strange looking 19th-century-stlye uniform refers to the fact that he proclaimed himself the "Czar of Band Gaps" at National. Bob Pease was on his way home after a memorial service for Jim Williams - another analog electronics guru ! For some more infos on Jim Williams please see the bottom of the page about Jim Williams app notes.

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