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Review of ON Semiconductor: Switch-Mode Power Supply Reference Manual

Download Switch-Mode Power Supply Reference Manual from ON Semiconductor (2014, 73 pages)

IMPORTANT NOTE: This manual shows several high voltage circuits. You should not try to build them unless you have experience with the necessary safety measures. For a general introduction to electrical safety you might want to take a look at the Electrical Safety chapter in allaboutcircuits.

The manual consists of 3 parts. The first part is an introduction to switching power supplies and the available topologies. The different semicondutor technologies (BJT, MOSFET and IGBT) with their advantages and disadvantages are discussed. The very difficult problem of the magentic component of the switching power supply is shortly touched. A general procdeure for its design is given, but the reader is advised that the best option is to seek the advice of the magnetic component suppliers. More detailed, and very useful, is the advice regarding a suitable PCB layout. The reasosns for losses in switching mode power supplies and how they can be minimized are also discussed.

The second part is an overview of SWPM topologies. A simplified schematic is shown for each, with a description of their characteristics and prefered application areas.

The third part is a description of 13 circuit examples (of course using components from OnSemi), covering a range of a 10 W dimmable LED driver up to a 500 W poswer supply. Finally there is a long list of additional documentation. To access them, please copy the Document ID, go to ON Semiconductor and insert the ID into the search field at the top of the page on the right.

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