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Review of National: AN-31 Op Amp Circuit Collection

Download AN-31 Op Amp Circuit Collection (pdf) from National

In this app note you will find the schematics of 87 Op Amp circuits. Some are quite basic, but most of them are very interesting (if you already have some knowledge about Op Amps and electronics). Sadly, there are no explanations. But some of these circuits have been copied from other National app notes, in particular from AN-4 and AN-20. So here are a few references to the original app notes where I found the explanation to be helpful:

Page 2: Practical Differentiator, Integrator: See AN-20, explanation starts on page 3

Page 6: Function Generator: See AN-20, explanation starts on page 11 (the circuit is described there as a triangle wave generator, because they are just interested in the output of the integrator Op Amp and ignore the output of the other Op Amp where a rectangular signal could be obtained)

Page 8, 9: Positive and Negative Voltage Reference: See AN-20, explanation on page 8

Page 9: Precision Current Sink, Precision Current Source: See AN-20, explanation on page 7

Page 18: Nonlinear Operational Amplifier with Temperature Compensated Breakpoints: See AN-4, very interesting explanation of a temperature compensation trick on page 5.

Page 19: Saturating Servo Preamplifier with Rate Feedback: See AN-4, explanation starts on page 5.

Page 20: Analog Multiplier: See AN-20, detailed explanation starts on page 9

Page 22: Root Extractor: See AN-4, explanation starts on page 8

You should also take a look at some recommendations for other Op Amp Applications.

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