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Review of Mancini: Analog Angle Columns

Please go to EDN and hit the "sort by Relevance" button. Then you will find on the first 3 pages the "Analog Angle" columns by Ron Mancini. The later pages include some of his columns too, but unfortunately they are mixed with those of other authors. To see the figures and references, the most convenient way is to view each column as pdf (the little yellow button)

The most famous work of Mancini is his free E-book Op Amps For Everyone (I highly recommend it if you want to learn about Op Amps), but his "Analog Angle" columns that he wrote for EDN are quite interesting too. If you have an itermediate knowledge of analog electronics most of them should be quite easy to understand. They offer some good and practical advice, especially if you want to become a professional analog electronics designer. In some of the columns Mancini drifts away from electronics and tells a story from his long career in the electronics industry. But even in these columns you can find some good advice for your own career.

Here are two examples that should be interesting for everybody doing analog design: How to read a semiconductor data sheet and Worst-case analysis.

Mancini is now retired, but still interested in electronics: He is a member of the allaboutcircuits forum (username ramancini8), and if you post there and you are lucky, he may join in the discussion.

You may also be interested in the free E-books and Application Notes from Texas Instruments.

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