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Review of Kovacs: EE113 Course Notes Electronic Circuits

Download EE113 Course Notes Electronic Circuits (1997, 268 pages, 1.29 MB pdf - the file is incorrectly named All About Transistors, but the content is correct)

The "EE113 Course Notes Electronic Circuits" by Greg Kovacs from Stanford University are very interesting notes that use Sedra / Smith as the course text and frequently reference it (you should however be careful: The notes are from 1997 which means that they reference an old version of Sedra / Smith, so the section numbers may not be correct anymore if you use a newer edition).

Other than Sedra / Smith, Kovacs focusses exclusively on analog electronics: Feedback, op amps, all sorts of BJT amplifier configurations, their frequency response and current sources are discussed. His explanations are very clear. What I like best about them are the practical rules of thumb. Kovacs teaches you which simplifying assumptions you can use so that you can focus on the really important aspects of the circuit.

Kovacs has a great sense of humour which makes his course notes fun to read (have a look at the "Analog Boot Camp Drill Routine" on page 4). He also does a very good job of emphasizing the most important ideas that you have to understand and remember. However, what you will be missing in Kovacs course notes are the many exercises and problems that are integrated in Sedra / Smith. Especially if you are new to the subject this is a serious problem - unless you do some problems on your own and compare them with the correct answers, you have no guarantee that you have really mastered the subject. So even in case you prefer to read Kovacs notes, you should do the excercises from Sedra / Smith (or from any other book).

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