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Review of Kester: Practical Design Techniques For Sensor Signal Conditioning

Please download Sensor Signal Conditioning. 94 pages, by Kester, Bryant, Jung, Wurcer, and Kitchin.

After a short introduction to sensors in section 1, section 2 contains a very good discussion of bridge circuits. It explains the basic Wheatstone bridge and many variants of it (including circuits using Op Amps and instrumentation amplifiers) and also the associated errors. For more information about this important type of circuits, you might want to take a look at AN43 Bridge Circuits by Jim Williams. Section 3 discusses several sensor types for mechanical quantities (strain, force. pressure and flow), together with the corresponding bridge circuits. Section 4 is about high impedance sensors, especially about photodiodes. It also contains a very good discussion of the preamplifiers that you need to process the delicate signal of the photodiode, and a discussion of guarding. Section 5 covers temperature sensors.

For a general discussion of Op Amps and Instrumentation Amplifiers please see Jung and Kitchin. And for Analog-Digital Conversion, please see Kester.

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