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Review of Kester: Practical Design Techniques For Power And Thermal Management

Go to Analog Devices Technical Documentation (please scroll down to the Design Handbooks and download the Practical Design Techniques For Power And Thermal Management pdf files)

Section 1 provides a short introduction to the topics that are covered in the notes. Section 2 is a good discussion of references and low dropout regulators.

Section 3 is a very good treatment of switching regulators. It starts with a basic explanation of switching regulators and their principle advantages and disadvantages and then discussess all kinds of switching regulators in much detail.

In section 4 the first 12 pages are a good introduction to the basics of switched capacitor voltage converters, the rest of the section consists of the application examples of some Analog Devices chips.

In section 5 the first 10 pages are a general introduction to the properties of rechargable batteries. The remaining part of this section consists of the details of some supporting chips from Analog Devices.

Section 6 provides an introduction to the different types of temperature sensors (thermocouple, RTD. thermistor and semiconductor) and some corresponding signal conditioning ICs. Section 7, Hardware Monitoring, introduces several Analog Devices ICs for this task, but you will not find much information about the topic in general.

Section 8 covers prototyping techniques, grounding techniques for regulator circuits, noise reduction and filtering of switching power supplies, thermal management, EMI considerations and shielding.

You should also take a look at the other Analog Devices seminar notes.

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