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Review of Jung: Op Amp Applications Handbook

Newnes, 2004, 1st Edition, 896 Pages

This is a great book if you already have a solid knowledge of the fundamentals of operational amplifiers and you now want to become an expert. If you take a look at the reviews at Amazon, you will see that they are almost unanimous in their praise of the book. But before you order it, please note that you can download the same information for free from Analog Devices - please see the page about the Op Amp Applications seminar notes and my review there.

So if you are on a budget, buying the book would not make much sense. But if you can afford it, find the seminar notes useful, and plan to use them frequently, you might prefer to have them available in book form rather than as a set of pdf files. If you buy the book, you should download the Errata Document. Walt Jung (who unfortunately was not allowed to do a final proofreading of the book) has compiled it after the book was published.

You should also take a look at some recommendations for other books on Op Amps. And some of the other free Analog Devices Seminar Notes may also interest you.

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