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Review of Jang: ET162 Circuit Analysis

Download ET162 Circuit Analysis (New York City College of Technology, 3.05 MB pdf file, 278 slides)

Jang has created this course module using the instructors material of the 10th edition of Boylestads book "Introductory Circuit Analysis". It covers DC circuits, for AC circuits please see ET242 Circuit Analysis II. For each topic there is a short explanation, followed by a few examples. The explanations are quite good, and if you already have a basic knowledge about circuit analysis, this course module may be sufficient to refresh the important concepts. But if you have not heard about circuit analysis before, and want to study it thoroughly, reading Boylestads book (and especially doing the excercises) would probably be better.

These are the topics that are covered: Current and voltage, Ohm's law, series circuits, parallel circuits, series and parallel networks, different methods to analyse DC circuits (including branch current analysis, mesh and super mesh analysis, nodal and super nodal analysis, superposition, Thevenin's and Norton's theorems, the maximum power transfer theorem is also introduced) capacitors and inductors and their transient behavior, magnetic circuits.

You should also take a look at some recommendations for other books and resources on basic linear circuit analysis.

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