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Video-Review of Horowitz / Hill: The Art of Electronics 3rd edition (Part 3, ch. 10-15)

Please go to the 3rd part of my video. This page contains some links that you might find useful after watching it. For a written review of the book, please see here.

You can download for free a nice introduction to VHDL: Free Range VHDL by Mealy and Tappero. And the edaboard has a subforum for programmable logic which is a good place to ask questions.

At the begin of chapter 13, I said that I would talk about DACs. What I meant to say, was that I would talk about ADCs.

There are many places on the web where you can talk about microcontrollers. The one that is best suited for you will strongly depend on your choice of a microcontroller family. But a good place to start is the microcontroller subforum of electrotech-online. With one notable exception - the choice where to ask for advice is obvious, if you have chosen the Arduino environment.

In Appendix J, Horowitz and Hill introduce you to SPICE with the free demo of ICAP/4. However, if you are new to SPICE, I would recommend that you rather get a more widely known SPICE variant like the free LTspice - there are more people who can help you, if you get stuck with a problem.

In Appendix L, the authors introduce you to their favorite laboratory equipment. But as they say: "It's best to check current catalogs and websites - much of this sort of equipment becomes obsolete with terrifying speed". The best place I know to get up-to-date and accurate information is the Test Equipment subforum of the EEVBlog.

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