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Video-Review of Horowitz / Hill: The Art of Electronics 3rd edition (Part 2, ch. 5-9)

Please go to the 2nd part of my video. This page contains some links that you might find useful after watching it. For a written review of the book, please see here.

If you want to get ideas what you can do with the 555, a good place to start is allaboutcircuits. And if you want to know the story how the late Hans Camenzind developed this famous IC, please take a look at his free book. It also includes a very detailed description and a proposal by Camenzind for an improved 555.

You can find more information on Wien bridges in the App Notes by Jim Williams: AN 43 (p.29 - 33) and AN 132.

This free sample contains the complete chapter 9 about Voltage Regulation and Power Conversion. You can convince yourself that this is perfectly OK - please read this post by Winfield Hill where he says that "You can share the link [to the sample] and the file as well".

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