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Video-Review of Horowitz / Hill: The Art of Electronics 3rd edition (Part 1, ch. 1-4)

Please go to my video. This page contains some links that you might find useful after watching it. For a written review of the book, please see here.

This free sample contains not only the Table of Contents, but also the complete chapter 9 about Voltage Regulation and Power Conversion. You can convince yourself that this is perfectly OK - please read this post by Winfield Hill where he says that "You can share the link [to the sample] and the file as well".

Where could you start learning electronics if The Art of Electronics is too demanding for you? The free allaboutcircuits is a great introduction for the beginner. If you want to progress a little faster, take a look at Basic Electronics Tutorials by Storr. More advanced is Practical Electronics for Inventors. If they do not suit your needs, try asking in your favorite electronics community. The forum that is associated with allaboutcircuits and the forum of the EEVBlog are two big and friendly communities.

At 6:00 I say something about "Bad Chapters" - what I meant to say was "Bad Circuits". There are no bad chapters in AoE. Hopefully, on the website of the book the Bad Circuits will re-appear one day.

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