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Review of Chaniotakis and Cory: Introduction to Electronics, Signals and Measurement

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This is one of the many course notes offered by OCW (Open Course Ware) from MIT. The most interesting part are the Lecture Notes, a collection of pdf files for each lecture (a few of them are not yet available), but you should also take a look a the Assignements (homework problems, unfortunately without solutions).

Prerequisites for the course are a basic knowledge of electricity, mangnetism and differential equations (but even if you have never heard of differential equations you will be able to benefit from many parts of the course). In addition to the basic methods for analysing linear circuits, the course also discusses diodes, transistors (only BJT, FET are not discussed) Op Amps, comparators and how to analyse the circuits in which they are used. An introduction to digital electronics is also given. The discussion about signals and systems is a bit more theoretical, but even if you have difficulties to follow it you should be able to understand the rest of the course.

This course notes are even available in Chinese (simplified), Spanish, Portugues and Persian version. Sadly, the Portugues version is not yet implemented, the link just points to a generic OCW page with no course specific content. The Chinese and the Spanish version contain older (and less complete) versions of the course notes.

You should also take a look at some recommendations for other books and resources on basic linear circuit analysis.

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