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Review of Carter: SLYT145 An Audio Circuit Collection Part 2

Download SLYT145 An Audio Circuit Collection Part 2 from Texas Instruments (2005, 8 pages, 288 KB pdf file)

This second part of the audio circuit collection is about audio-notch filters and curve-fitting filters. First a filter for the 60 Hz powerline hum is discussed, including the changes that have to be made to modify the filter for the 50Hz of the ac power in Europe. The next filter is for the 10 kHz tone that may result from the interference of adjacent AM channels. As an example of a curve fitting filter, a RIAA equalization filter is introduced. This one will only be useful to you if you have some of the old vinyl record albums, but the discussion of the circuit is quite interesting.

The other parts of the Audio Circuit Collection show low-pass and high-pass filters ( in Part 1 ) and circuits with simulated inductors ( in Part 3 ). You may also be interested in the other free E-books and Application Notes from Texas Instruments.

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