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Review of Carter: SLOA069 How (Not) to Decouple High-Speed Operational Amplifiers

Download SLOA069 How (Not) to Decouple High-Speed Operational Amplifiers (2001, Texas Instruments, 14 pages, 218 kB pdf file)

This application report is not only interesting for those who have to design with high speed op amps, but for everybody who has to use decoupling caps in his circuit, especially if higher frequencies are involved. The first part of the report (p.1-8) discusses the problems that will occur if the designer thinks he can use any old capacitor for decoupling. After a brief discussion of the equivalent model of a capacitor, Carter shows which capacitors are suitable for decoupling ( if you are not familiar with the different types of capacitors, you can find a good overview in Analog Electronics Lecture 5 Capacitors ). In the second part Carter discusses the layout for decoupling capacitors. For optimum results, the designer has to spend a lot of effort here.

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