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Review of Carter: SBOA092A Handbook Of Operational Amplifier Applications

Download SBOA092A Handbook Of Operational Amplifier Applications (pdf) from Texas Instruments

Pages 1 to 47 of the handbook is a nice introduction to Op Amps. It is somehow standing in the shadow of the very popular Op Amps For Everyone (also from Texas Instruments), - it is not as comprehensive and does not have its depth. But if you are new to Op Amps then maybe parts of it are even easier to understand to you than Op Amps for Everyone. Have a look at it and see which you like best.

The rest of the handbook is a large collection of 72 Op Amp circuits, most of them are quite simple. You just need to understand the basic equations of the ideal Op Amp to analyze most of them. In fact this might be a very good excercise to test your knowledge: Just look at the schematics and try to calculate the output of the circuits by yourself before you look at the equations next to the schematic.

If you are already an experienced designer the collection of Op Amps circuits will perhaps not be very valuable to you, because the short descriptions focus on the equations for an ideal Op Amp and do not say very much about the consequences that the parameters of a real Op Amp will have for the circuit (but the first part of the handbook discusses some of the important parameters of real Op Amps). Nevertheless, you may still find some circuit ideas that might inspire your designs.

On the bottom of page 8 (and in some of the schematics) you will see a strange looking Op Amp symbol (symbol c). This is a rather special form of an Op Amp, and if you are new to Op Amps you should perhaps better focus on understanding the standard Op Amp (symbol b).

You should also take a look at some recommendations for other Op Amp Applications. The other free E-books and Application Notes from Texas Instruments are also very interesting.

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