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Review of Carter / Huelsman: SBOA093A Handbook Of Operational Amplifier Active RC Networks

Download SBOA093A Handbook Of Operational Amplifier Active RC Networks from Texas Instruments (2001, 85 pages, 3.51MB pdf file)

The original version of this handbook was written in 1966 by Huelsman. It was revised in 2001 by Carter. Unusual for a resource from Texas Instruments (or one of the other big semiconductor manufacturers), this is a very theoretical work. It assumes a good knowledge of network theory and shows how you can build filters without having to use inductors. But even if you do not want to go into the details of filter design, you should at least have a look at chapters 5 and 6, where the concept of NICs (Negative Immitance Convertors) and Gyrators and their implementation is explained, this is quite interesting.

All the devices that are used (operational amplifiers, resistors and capacitors) are treated as ideal circuit elements. This is fine as long as you only want to understand the theory. But if you actually want to build the circuits that are discussed, you have to pay close attention to the characteristics of real world devices like the bandwidth and noise of an op amp, or the tolerances and parasitic elements of resistors and capacitors. For a good discussion of real world op amps you should have a look at the free Op Amps For Everyone by Mancini or, (for a more advanced treatment), Op Amp Applications by Walt Jung. For the passive elements, please have a look at the Resistor and Capacitor resources.

The other free E-books and Application Notes from Texas Instruments are also very interesting.

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