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Review of BK Precision: Oscilloscope Applications Guidebook

Download the Oscilloscope Applications Guidebook from BK Precision (2001, 3rd edition, 43 pages, 2.63 MB pdf file)

This is a good introduction to analog oscilloscopes. Digital scopes are also covered, but for those you can find a more modern introduction in XYZs of Oscilloscopes. The guidebook starts with an explanation of some common oscilloscope terms.On p. 3 are some important guidelines for oscilloscope safety. If follows an explanation of the controls of oscilloscopes and what you can do with them. You can consider this a the minimum you need to know about scopes if you want to work with them effectively. If you are also interested in knowing how a scope works, an easy introduction starts on page 20.

On p. 24 is a short introduction to probes. On page 25 starts the applications section, which includes descriptions of measurements of DC voltage, frequency, time and pulsewidth measurements, pulse rise- and fall time measurements, modulation and phase measurements. A method to quickly check the performance of an amplifier with a square wave generator is described on p. 34. On p. 35 follows a description of X-Y mode applications. The description of the NTSC color video signal on p.42 however is much less important today.

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