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Review of Baker: AN723 Operational Amplifier AC Specifications and Applications

Download AN723 Operational Amplifier AC Specifications and Applications from Microchip Technology Inc. (2000, 10 pages, 342 KB pdf)

The parameters that are discussed are the gain-bandwidth product, open loop gain/phase, load capacitance, output impedance, full power bandwidth, slew rate, settling time and overshoot. For a discussion of the DC parameters please take a look at AN722 Operational Amplifier Topologies and DC Specifications.

For the discussion of stability, Baker gives a short introduction to the Bode plot and several examples of system that are stable, unstable or just marginable stable. Bode plots are a very important tool for analyzing the stability of op amp circuits (and of amplifiers in general), and once you understand the concept they are also quite easy to use. If you would like to read a more detailed treatment, please take a look at Op Amps For Everyone by Mancini: Section 5.4 Bode Analysis of Feedback Circuits and the following sections, and chapter 7 Voltage-Feedback Op Amp Compensation for many examples of the usage of Bode plots (also chapters 8 and 9 if you are interested in current-feedback op amps).

You should also take a look at some recommendations for other resources on Op Amps.

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