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Review of Ask the Applications Engineer, 30th Anniversary

Please go to the Ask The Applications Engineer page of Analog Devices, from the "Analog Dialogue", 1988 - 1996.

This is a nice collection of 22 relatively short articles in a question-and-answer style. Most of them were written by James Bryant. Please click on the pictures in the articles to enlarge them.

Here are some articles that I found especially interesting:

No. 10: PC-board tracks and ground planes. Not even a piece of wire of or length of PC track may behave exactly as you expected.

No. 14: High-Frequency Signal Contamination. A cautionary tale, including some remedies.

No. 21: Capacitance and Capacitors.The "Capacitor Comparison Chart" at the end of the article gives a good qualitative overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the different types.

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