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Analog Devices Seminar Notes

The free Analog Devices seminar notes provide you with a wide range of very practical information for the design of anlog (and mixed signal) circuits. Some cover fundamental topics that are very useful for every designer, others are more focused on information about specific products from Analog Devices.

The notes were written by the application staff of Analog Devices. There is considerable overlap between some of the notes, in particular several of them contain a last chapter called Hardware Desgin Techniques that seems to have been copied from one note to the other with only minor modification (but make sure to read it at least once, very valuable information). However, if you consider that you get the notes for free, you should not worry too much about a little redundancy.

The seminar notes Basic Linear Design by Zumbahlen provide a good overview of analog electronics: Op Amps, sensors, data converters, filters, power supplies, passive components and tips for simulation and prototyping are amonng the discussed topics.

The notes Practical Analog Design Techniques cover advanced topics like Single Supply and High Speed Op Amps and Distortion Measurements.

The seminar notes Op Amp Applications by Jung are one of the best and most comprehensive treatments of Op Amps and their applications you can find. If you like them, you can also buy them as a book: Op Amp Applications Handbook.

The e-book A Designer's Guide to Instrumentation Amplifiers by Kitchin contains many specific information about Instrumentation Amplifiers from Analog Devices, but also some infos of general interest.

The notes Practical Design Techniques For Sensor Signal Conditioning by Kester provides short introductions to some sensor types and also discussions of suitable Op Amp and A-D converter circuits.

The notes High Speed Design Techniques cover high speed Op Amps, high speed data converters and some general design techniques that have to be used in high speed systems.

The notes Practical Design Techniques For Power and Thermal Management by Kester cover topics like voltage references and regulators, battery chargers and temperature sensors.

A very good and comprehensive treatment of all kinds of A-D and D-A converter architectures and practical examples you can think of (and of some important related topics), plus a chapter on the history of data converters, is Analog-Digital Conversion by Kester.

A nice introduction to sampled data systems, FFT and digital filters is Mixed Signal and DSP Design Techniques, also by Kester.

If, after going through one or more of this comprehensive seminar notes, you are interested in some short articles for a change, you can find some good ones in Ask The Applications Engineer (from the 30th Anniversary, 1988-1996).

All of the notes and e-books above assume that you already know about electronics and about the basics of the devices that are covered. On the other pages of this site (click the "Home" button at the top of this page) I have ordered the different resources starting with the most basic introductions up to more advanced discussions, so they may help you if you find the Analog Devices notes too difficult too understand. In particular you might be interested in some resources on Op Amps, but also in some general introductions to Practical Analog Electronics.

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