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Review of Analog Devices: Practical Analog Design Techniques

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This seminar notes cover several advanced topics.

Section 1 discusses single supply Op Amps and single supply Instrumentation Amplifiers (for a general introduction to Op Amps please see Mancini or the more advanced treatment by Jung, for information about Instrumentation Amplifiers see Kitchin.)

Section 2 covers high speed Op Amps. The problems and solutions that are associated with capacitive loads are discussed in some detail, single supply issues are also covered. Then some applications circuits are discussed, including video multiplexers and amplifiers.

Section 3 discusses High Resolution Signal Conditioning ADCs (for an excellent introduction to ADCs (Analog-Digital Converters) please see Kester .)

Section 4 discusses High Speed Sampling A-D converters. Of general interest are the first 11 pages (about A-D converters dynamic considerations), and the last chapter about Noise Considerations (from p. 44 to the end of the section). The rest of the section is mostly about the specifications of some Analog Devices ADCs.

Section 5 discusses Undersampling. After an introduction to the concept, some details of how to improve the performance are discussed.

Section 6 covers multichannel applications.

Section 7 is a good discussion of overvoltage effects, including an explanation of phase reversal and what you can do to prevent it. ESD problems and precautions are also discussed.

Section 8 covers distortion measurements for Op Amps and ADCs. It explains in some detail how you can use the FFT to analyse the resulting data and the things that can go wrong.

Section 9 covers prototyping, noise reduction and filtering for switching power supplies, references and low dropout regulators, and EMI considerations. The last chapter about the proper shielding of cables from precision sensors is especially interesting. The author has explored several design options and shows the resulting scope pic for each option, together with a discussion of the results and some recomendations.

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